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Please email us for studio availability. Mitch Easter is not booking any sessions or remote mixing so give the name of your engineer when inquiring.  Also, describe the type of project you want to do and the number of people in your band. 

Booking Information

  • The full payment is required to secure your dates and is non-refundable. We will work with you to reschedule in case of an emergency.

  • Guesthouse accommodations are included for the days booked.

  • Engineers and assistant engineers are paid separately by the Artist.

  • We do not allow pets. 


Our Services

  • Studio Rate- $500/day. Includes guesthouse accommodations. Guesthouse not available for one-day booking.

  • Early arrival the night before your session. - $50 (free load-in). 

  • Advance setup, rehearsal, etc. the night before- $40/hr.

  • Assistant for the first day - $100. This is required for engineers new to the studio.

  • Assistant for the entire session - $100/day.

  • Piano Tuning - $120. If you intend to use the piano, it will need to be tuned before your session.

  • Bring an external hard drive, either conventional or solid state, but no thumb drives, please.

  • Tape Transfer - Inquire

  • We do not offer mastering services.

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