ABE Apparatebau U. Elektronik Becker GmbH & Co. KG, Konstanz

 (28 Channels, 6 groups, 4 auxes, mic and line direct outs, 1978)

EAB/Geiling RE85 vacuum tube console (12 channels, 1966)

analog recorders

MCI JH16  2" 24/16tk (15/30ips NAB)

3M M23 1/2" 4tk (7.5/15ips, NAB)

3M M79 1/2" 2tk (15/30ips, NAB)

Dolby SR/A available for all machines


Amphion One15

Behringer P16-M headphone system

(16 channels)

Soundcraftsmen and Adcom amps 

UREI 813B, Technics SB-C700, Yamaha NS-10, JBL 4401, Avantone mix cubes



AKG 414 (2), 451, D25, D30, D1000 (2), D190 (4)

Altec 175B (2), 633

Beyer M201

Blue Kiwi

Chameleon TS1 (2), TS2 (2)

Electro-Voice 635, 635a (2) RE-20, 666R (2), RE2000, 608 (3), 665, 664 (4)

Lomo 19A18, 19A19

Lustraphone VR65

Neumann Gefell  M295 (2)

Neumann KM84 (2)


Royer SF12

sE 2200A, SE3 (4)

sE Gemini II

Sennheiser 441, 604 (3), 421(2)

Shure SM7(4), SM58, 545

STC 4038

Soyuz SU-011 (2)


Baldwin Electric Harpsichord

Chamberlin M1

Francis Bacon upright piano

Hammond CV w/ Trek II percussion & Leslie 145 

Hohner Pianet N

Moog Sub 37

Roland: Juno 60, Synthesizer 2000

Schumacher Chimeatron

Wurlitzer electric piano

Vox Jaguar combo organ

Whitehall combo organ

Yamaha C7 grand piano

Yamaha YC-45 combo organ

drums and percussion

Deagan Marimba

Gong (big)

Ludwig 1970s Vistalite 5 pc. drum set (22" bass drum)

Ludwig timpani

digital recorders

Pro Tools HD w/ Prism Sound Dream ADA-8XR converters (24 analog in/out)

outboard equipment

adr: Scamp rack with several compressor, EQ, pan, and gate modules

AKG BX-20 spring reverb

Aphex: model 602 Aural Exciter (the rental model), Studio Dominator

Audio Control Industrial sub-harmonic synthesizer

CBS Audimax RIIZ (2)

Chandler TG1

Cooper Time Cube

dbx 162

Dolby 740 Spectral Processor

Drawmer DS-201 gate

Ecoplate plate reverb

Empirical Labs Distressor (2) 

Eventide: H3000 digital effects device

Gates: 28-C0, FM Top Level

Grommes G5 mixer

Lexicon: Prime Time delay, 200 reverb

MicMix Master Room spring reverb

Mutronics Ltd. Mutator analog filter

Peavey Valverb spring reverb

Pultec EQP, MEQ equalizers

Roland SN-700 noise reduction

Spectra Sonics V610 Complimiter (2)

spl: Transient Designer (4 channel) attack/decay controller, De-esser

Symetrix 511A noise reduction

Thermionic Culture The Phoenix

UREI 1178

Watkins Copicat reissue tube version tape delay

direct boxes


Eclair Evil Twin 





Ampeg Gemini VI, B-18, SVT,

Super Echo Twin

Carr Vincent

Fender Twin (1978), Princeton (1962), Super Reverb (1969), Pro Jr. (1990s)

Guild Superstar, Thunder I

Kustom 150

Hohner Orgaphon

Matamp GT-100

Matchless Lightning 15

Silvertone (ancient)

Vox AC30

Dusky D2O


by request