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Welcome to Fidelitorium Recordings, Home of the Hits!

Fidelitorium is the descendant of Drive-in Studio, the classic US garage operation that opened in 1980. In 2000 the present location opened with plenty of equipment carried over from our humble beginning. The original studio was tiny, under the radar, and completely busy. Well-remembered tracks were recorded there, proving our sense that much of the conventional wisdom about recording studios could be safely ignored. The laws of physics are another matter, and we showed our deep respect for those when we built our current building, which sounds great. Otherwise, we continue to be driven by what we like and what really works, based on 40 years of experience. Rather than thinking in terms of high- or low-tech, we aim for correct-tech for the music we’re recording. There are a lot of ways to work here, take your pick and we expect you’ll be happy.

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