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Pet Policy

One dog per session is allowed in the studio control room and front lobby. The dog should have a proper tether for outdoor time and be on a leash while walking on the property.  No cats are allowed in the studio. 

Our Dog (disclaimer)

We have a dog, Biscuit, and he isn't dog friendly. While he is super friendly and sweet with people, he simply doesn't like other dogs (we've tried!).  He is contained in our backyard by a fence and will bark and feel threatened by other dogs who greet him at the fence. We ask that you don't allow your dog to "make friends" with him. Please take this into consideration when bringing your dog to your session. 

Wildlife (disclaimer)

There are various types of wildlife that live on and around our property. We regularly see squirrels, rabbits, and birds.  Other occasional sightings are rats, mice, groundhogs, raccoons, foxes, deer, and snakes (copperhead, black, ribbon, brown, and green). A coyote was seen in broad daylight once and can be heard howling at night in the distance.



Artists are responsible for their dog at all times. Please make sure your dog doesn't damage anything. 

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