The Staff

Mitch Easter is the studio founder and a devoted Enthusiast of Sounds. He thinks the fact that it is possible to whip some vibrations and frequencies and grooves into something you want to play 100 times in a row is an Essential Mystery of the Universe and a deeply worthwhile pursuit. In the studio he loves the Magic Moments and eschews Dogma, while being 100% in favor of Dogs.

Amanda Lindsey served as Studio Manager from 2011-2016 (when she opened Mesmerizer Records in downtown Winston-Salem) and currently handles all studio inquiries, booking, and cosmic connections from wherever she is in the world. As a Certified Renaissance Person and lifelong musician and songwriter, Amanda studied Biology and Archaeology at UNC Chapel Hill, and is best known for her psychedelic pop prowess in the NC bands Celestogramme, Violet Vector and the Lovely Lovelies, The Gondoliers, and My Dear Ella. She is currently hiding away in an undisclosed cave, conjuring up wild new ideas, working on her next record, and answering all your messages within 24 hours or less. Amanda believes deeply in the social power of music to change the world and supports the efforts of humanity to produce as many mind-melting recordings as possible. 

John Pfiffner is routinely compared to the most formidable characters in the Business. He is an inspired multi-instrumentalist with an emphasis on "mental". A virtuoso guitarist, grooving drummer and bass player with a Brian Jones-like knack for learning any instrument in the room in time to add the perfect flavor. As an audio engineer, John is fluent in all modern techno languages while remaining proficient at the Audio Arts of the Ancients. John can see the whole picture. The forest, the trees, the veins on the leaves and the chipmunk's bowtie.

You can trace producer and synthesist Missy Thangs' nasty studio sound to her time as a teen in the 90’s. Gen Xer, born in 1980 in Atlanta, Thangs spent endless hours obsessing over FM radio hits, mixed tapes and her dad’s multi-thousand CD collection. Like many kids from her time, it was not unusual to rock a 4-track recorder and your Microsoft Voice Recorder to record music. This super DIY and somewhat piecemeal hobby led her to a college degree in the Recording Arts and to join Asheville band Piedmont Charisma (the singer worried about reviews saying he was ripping off Mark E. Smith thus taking singing lessons and trying to sing like David Bowie quickly led to the breakdown of the band). Exposure to really far out shit came during this time, her introduction to freaques Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Zorn, Sun Ra, Steve Reich to name a few. Thangs eventually formed her own project Soft Company, another project only lasting for a bump in time. Fully unknown by this point, Thangs met Stuart McLamb of The Love Language at a studio in Raleigh, NC and spent the later part of her 20’s and early 30’s with the band chasing the some vague dream of life as a successful musician, staying with the project through two albums released on Merge Records. Thangs has since performed with Fan Modine and Toddlers and now writes and performs with No One Mind and Birds Of Avalon. Through all of this Thangs eventually met Mitch Easter (Let’s Active), wherein they developed a friendship after recording an album together at his magical studio Fidelitorium. Easter soon offered her a job reinvigorating her interest in producing and engineering, and since Thangs has worked with international sensations Ian McLagan, Ex Hex (Merge Records) and Avett Brothers and fine acts Birds of Avalon, Las Rosas (Burger Records), Pie Face Girls, Dot Dash, The Tills and Skemäta. Thangs works with many artists working in North Carolina, defining the NC sound in the later teens of the two thousands.

Tammy White was brought to us on the shimmering wings of destiny and currently serves as Studio Manager, Dame de la Maison, and Queen of Everything Awesome. When things are wrong, she rights them. When things break, she fixes them. She rose from a flaming pit of stardust with a stack of Cocteau Twins and Wire records at her feet, bending space and time to welcome you to your session. Did we ever even exist without her? As a fierce Capricorn and lifelong practitioner of the ceramic arts, there is nothing Tammy cannot call into existence from the primordial void. Entropy be damned, there is no captain more capable of steering this Dionysian audio cruise into the tranquil waters of dawn! She also loves: fancy scarves, modern architecture, cats, and The French.