The Studio

Voted #1 In the World, by us! This is professional recording in NC, USA. With a spacious, high-fidelity building and equipment representing a lifetime of refined accumulation, we offer you an exceptional recording experience.

The studio was designed by Wes Lachot and is based on proven acoustical principles, the Golden Mean, and prime number sequences. Feng shui, cosmic, and mojo factors loom large. All this makes for a good Sound you will notice immediately. There is natural light everywhere.

The studio area comprises a large control room, a main studio room, and 6 additional areas which can be used for isolation. There's a big living room which includes our fabled Rock Library and Kitchen. Epic ideas are routinely conceived here.

We have a number of interesting instruments! We are always shopping.

Recording equipment is an ever-evolving scene and we guarantee an entertaining range of choices no matter how you prefer to work. We like everything that makes sound and therefore we have an up-to-date Pro Tools HDX system with superior Prism Sound converters, analog tape machines, a one-of-a-kind 1970s console, and a useful selection of outboard processing gear from the 1950s through the 2000s. Here, you can put your hands on all sorts of hot and possibly dangerous equipment which is still sometimes the best way to get Heavy Results.

After a legendary day of cutting Hits, make the 30 second walk up the hill to the Rainbow Guest House of Love!