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Welcome to Fidelitorium Recordings! The studio evolved from Drive-in Studio, which I started in my parents’ garage in 1980. Improbably, in this tiny facility we made records which made an impact and are fondly remembered today. After 13 years of garage coziness, we moved operations over to my house and took over most of the building. Featuring sonic advantages and ergonomic disadvantages, some of my favorite sessions happened in the old house. Often working on different floors, the bands and I rarely saw each other, so...

Surely it would be better to see the artists and free them from running up and down the long staircase between floors, despite the health benefits. I spoke to Wes Lachot about designing a more standard/sonically accurate/easier to deal with kind of place. And I wanted to make the studio friendly to other engineers and producers. I love the idea of the recording studio as a nexus of art, creativity, and camaraderie, a place where the good and the great occur. What better way to magnify all this than to involve lots of people?

Over the 19 years since the (formerly) new place opened, Fidelitorium Recordings has been exactly what I’d hoped for! Supreme vibrations are captured daily by skilled audio practitioners. On the Engineers/Producers list, you’ll find our highly knowledgeable House Engineers (Missy Thangs, John Pfiffner, and me) and our fine extended family of occasional users. We recommend them all!


We are happy to answer any questions.

Mitch Easter/founder

Tammy Easter/studio manager&booking